After waiting out the storm in Coos Bay, Oregon, I continued down the coast.  The next few days proved treacherous: road debris, downed power lines, 20mph headwinds, and the thickest fog I’ve ever seen.  Occasionally I was able to steal a glimpse of the coast when the fog would yield.

After three days the rain stopped and I was graced with a welcomed 20mph tailwind.  The riding was easy and the vista’s beautiful.  Great cycling weather.

The route was fairly easy; I followed highway 101 all the way down.  Each morning I checked the map for a location around 45 miles away and started riding toward it.  Around 3pm I would start asking around about campgrounds and somehow I always found something.  There’s something very entertaining about not knowing where you are going to sleep each night.  On the days when I couldn’t find a campground I would check into the cheapest hotel I could find.  If I found a hotel to be too expensive I would ask which hotel in the area was the cheapest, sometimes using the phrase “scabies-special” to much success.  I found that you can almost always get a discount just by asking.  I usually ask for the “[soggy|tired|cold] cyclist discount”.  One time I negotiated two discounts totaling $50.00 off.

Cycling the Oregon coast was really quite fun.  With so many opportunities to get water, food, lodging, and camping, it made things very easy.